Organizing Committee :

Cédric BERTRAND – UPVD /PO²N (Président)
Marie-Virginie SALVIA – UPVD /PO²N
Dimitri DILES – CCI Occitanie & Enterprise Europe Network
Laurent AUGIER – Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation
Elsa BALLINI – Supagro, Montpellier
Régis BERTHELOT – Arvalis, Elicitra
Marie TURNER – Vegenov, Elicitra

Scientific Committee :

Dr. Claire PRIGENT-COMBARET, University Lyon 1, France (Présidente)
Dr. Emilio MONTESINOS, University of Girona, Institute of Agriculture and Food Technology, Spain
Dr. Christoph KEEL, UNIL, Switzerland
Dr. Bernard DUMAS, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Dr. Philippe REIGNAULT, University of Littoral, Elicitra, France
Dr. Olivier LEGALL, INRA Bordeaux, Elicitra, France
Dr. Fabienne BAILLIEUL, University of Reims, Elicitra, France
Dr. Anne-Emmanuelle HAY, University Lyon 1, France
Dr. Azucena GONZALEZ-COLOMA, ICA, CSIC Madrid, Spain
Pr. Cédric BERTRAND, University of Perpignan France
Dr. Marc BARDIN, INRA Avignon, France

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