Thanks again

More than 280 participants gathered in Perpignan for this fourth edition, the organizing and scientific committees, would like to thank all the participants, the partners, the sponsors and our guests.

We look forward to seeing you in 2020 for the 10th anniversary of Natural Products & Biocontrol.

Claire Prigent-Combaret et Cédric Bertrand

Sponsors 2018

Natural Products and Biocontrol Congres and Elicitra Day
from September 25th to 28th, 2018 
at Perpignan, FRANCE

The activity of biocontrol products depend on numerous biotic interactions implying secondary metabolisms.
The Natural Products and Biocontrol Congress covers the whole research about the natural components involved in biocontrol processes.

This 4th edition of the International Congress of Natural Products and Biocontrol will resume the main principles of the 3 previous ones namely :

  • Bringing together researchers, industrial and experimental stations
  • Propose scientific conferences selected on the basis of the excellence of the work,
  •  Propose business meetings in one to one.

This year 5 original sessions are proposed :

1. Regulation and integrated pest management
2. Elicitors of plant defenses and plant defenses (with  Elicitra network participation)
3. Biocontrol microorganisms and their mechanisms of actions
4. Plant and natural products used as biocontrol products
5. Metabolomics methods dedicated to the analysis of biocontrol natural products and of their environmental impact

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